[Permanent] Capture The Flag Plus Event
We are giving away a pet with character creation but, after the first 30 days period most of our players can't afford to revive their pets.
This event is just for these players and for the beginners to get some Trite selling the event items.

[Image: yuiYrwo.jpg]

[Event Period]
Permanent Event

[Event Mechanics]
1. Players should register for "Capture the Flag" event from "So-Ok" located in each town.
2. Players must kill the mobs in the event area than find a key and open the door.
3. Must kill the players from the opponent team!
4. Take the flag and put on the team's flagpole.
5. All the players of Winner Team gets "1 Day Pet Reincarnation Scroll".

• 1 Day Pet Reincarnation Scroll

Hey, it seems that the event doesn't reward the 1 Day Pet Reincarnation Scroll.

I have joined the capture the flag event on multiple occasions and finished it (with a win) and the only thing which is rewarded for the win is the "Subscription Card" which automatically joins you for the next event.

Thank you for reporting the problem.
We will patch the problem few minutes later.

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