[Completed] Transform into a Monster! Guild Mission!
Hello, Adventurers!

Aside from the usual guild leveling, we are giving special challenge to the guilds!
Here comes the challenge, ‘Transform into a Monster! Guild Mission!’
Please refer to the following details.

[Event Procedures]
1. Invite 10 or more guild members.  Transform into a monster in game by using the transformation item made by Rogue character.
2. Take a screenshot of 10 and above guild members upon their transformation as a monster.
3. Post the screenshots to this thread.

[Event Schedule]
1. Screenshot Registration Period: February 03, 2017 ~ February 10, 2017
2. Yen Provision: 12 February 2017

[Event Rewards]
The following rewards will be provided to all members of the guild who has completed the mission:
40 Yens

Each person can participate once, if we find participants with same IP or MAC address the whole party will be disqualified.

King Regards

[Image: J4csymH.jpg]

Best Gm We Took Best Screen Shot Masks Monsters With My Guild Love All .. Who In The Pictures Names Ahmed_Killer . Boxxi . Porn . The_Guardian . Dragon_HelL . iCe_Bolt . NeverMoreWLK .Selena . Ropapper. AnThu . And Last Me EmoBoy Who Wear Dark Karra Mask ^_^ Big Grin Hope We Win And Thx All My Friends Guild And Gm <33                     

Hello Mr SGA Please Back My Char 3 day agoo with your reply and don't back him :3

So GM Event Finsh so who is the winners ? Big Grin .. and i pm you and wrote globals many time you dont reply on me why ??

Gm Event Fineshd Big Grin

The event has ended, results will be announced few hours later!!!

Rewards delivered to all of the active winner characters.

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