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what is the Compensation Program ? why no worry for old players ? ca u open it pls ?

Hello dear IICivilization Team,

To be honest with the most of you I need to point out that in my opinion the problem is not the current cap itself, it is more the Server itself. So while few of the players spent alot of time and money into the game to get good Gear and all that stuff and most of them really spent alot of money including poorly myself, the biggest part of the community, that part that does not got good gear at all wants a Server Cap increase which is totally acceptable as this is a Democracy based Community which i really enjoy. 

So the first thing that comes to my mind is, what do you mean with "Compensation for good Players"?Do we will get instant items based on our current 8DG items that means like Sun 9DG and +7 Items which would destroy the Server´s harmony cause most of the Players that need to start at zero at 90 cap will be pissed off that the guys that Donates get instant good Items? That may cause many Players to leave the Server? so the other side is you will try to compensate in a other way which would me and other players that donated alot and put alot of effort into this server will leave instant as i talked with many of em. 

The other Part is, that you Advertised the Server beeing based on 80 Cap which is the reason I started playing it and promised to Increase 90 CAP only after a year and i know this is a problem cause as this is a Democracy most of the people want a Cap increase so you are between two boundries. 

Now to come back to my main reason im writing this is, the problem is not the Cap, it is the Server itself. There is a really poor Jobsystem and will even be after the increase of tradable pet amount because botting will be still more profitable than jobbing. As example one 5*Trade will make around 40-50m based on that fact that Jobrates will be like x50 but on the other side you can easily sell 1 Staff with Immo for 30-40m and thats just an example. Secondly the server is like 90% Bots and 10% real players that causes DW(Main city) to be emtpy like the sahara. That is the reason im not playing since days because it is boring and thats the only reason why most of the people want a Cap increase. Instead of Increasing the Cap you should try to fix the Server System, Job System, Event System itself.

90 Degree will be good untill ppl will reach lvl 90 and get a few items and than it will be the old situation like we have now and than ppl want to have cap increase to 100 and that will be like a cycle for every cap increase because the Server itself is boring not the Cap.

Greetings MaxSTR

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