Like & Dislike Event Summary
(01-03-2017, 05:48 AM)maro0o7 Wrote: good jop game master but we can asking bro about items etid we sow someone got a sun's hight plus and he's said i boutgh it from gm master !! Paskota

Buying yens for good items means he is purchasing yens for astral immortal and other alchemy ingredients, he can sell the yen items for golds to buy items and others such as MagicPOP. It doesn't mean he is paying yens to directly get items from us. Don't try to fool yourself and the others here.


I mean that you are making wrong decisions. Looks like you dont want this server to last 4 years.... And idk why are u you nad at me? Like it's that hard to admit that someone else is right xd

when will you announce the reward in the LIKE & DISLIKE event????????????????? sad

Like & Dislike Event | Section: 3 - Pill Bug | Status Updated

Like & Dislike Event | Section: 4 - Winter Story Event | Status Updated

hi gm.. we think is better 10 IP MAX! 4 is very very low.. we know too was have 14 ip right now.. but -10 ? with 8 or 10 IP LIMIT is enought for a better server.. dont are extreme high or extreme low.. is middle

(01-02-2017, 09:23 AM)CIVADMIN Wrote: Hello, Adventurers

In this thread we will analyze each of the requests our players posted to Like & Dislike event.
Please make sure to add this page to your bookmarks to be able to check the latest changes we are going to make according your feed backs.

[Image: likeanddislike.png]

[21 - Job Rates Not Enough] - In Progress
To prevent inflation we are definitely declining increasing the job rates, from old experience we know that this ruins everything. 
But we have a different solution for you to solve this problem!
Instead of increasing the rewards we will increase the capacity of the trading pets. This has some advantages and some disadvantages. With this method the trader risks more, if he loses his goods he is losing a lot more gold but in case he manages to deliver the good he will earn a lot more up to 50x. Using this method we are automatically increasing the rates for the Thief's too, from one robbing they will get up to 50x more rewarding which we believe be enough to increase the overall job activity. These changes will be made with the January update which is planned to be somewhere between 15 January 2017 and ~ 20 January 2017.

[13 - Yen Price Expensive] - In Progress
We will be reducing the Yen Pricing or in other words make a discount.
US Dollar (USD ($) increased it's exchange ratio a lot from the time we first decided the Yens pricing especially this affected the developing countries such as Egypt and Turkey. Starting from 06 January 2017 the Yen prices will be reduced equally to the growth of dollar index from the time we first decided how to be the Yen pricing. There might be additional discounts from the regional resellers too.

[13 - Max Cap Must Be Increased] - In Progress
Seriously? Can't believe that almost 70% said that they want the max cap must be increased.
First of all we want to de-stress our current players with good sets, even if we decide to update as you probably know from our other servers we are compensating your loss from the degree update.

Since Like & Dislike is not that reliable we will create a new voting system before Friday which will require you to use your mobile phone to vote. With each mobile be able to vote only once, so no one can abuse with the voting and not only this we will make additional confirmation and checks before accepting the vote as a valid to make sure every single person is voting only once. If the Poll results yes to new degree update with 60% or higher, than the update will be made within February.

[9 - Alchemy System (???)] - In Progress
Additional user feedback is required.
9 Players stated that they dislike the alchemy system. The problem is no one mentioned what exactly they disliked about it. The alchemy rates or the old school element system.
If it's the oldschool element system there is nothing we can do, it's part of our concept and we won't change it no matter what. But if you guys are disliking the alchemy rates we can definitely say that we are unable to make a change on it until the next DG (CAP) update. Otherwise it will be unfair for the players who pumped their gears while the rate is lower.
We are expecting additional feedback about this section.

[8 - IP Limit must be reduced] - In Progress
It is unbelievable that this much players are complaining about the high IP limits. We agree with this, almost all the spots in 8DG monsters are full and it is unfair one person to run 2 parties.
To solve this problem we will be reducing the IP limit to 3 or 4 with the January update which is planned to be somewhere between 15 January 2017 and ~ 20 January 2017.

[6 - Need More Events] - In Progress
6 Players said that there is a need of more events, but in other side 12 players said they they love our current event policy. Since usually peoples are screaming what they dislike but when it comes to what they like they're silent we can believe that 70% of the players are already happy with the current events.
We will discuss this section with the other team members and update this section accordingly.

[6 - Maximum Capacity] - Solved
If you have played on Excalibur Online, you will remember the max capacity was 2000 and there were 1600 online. Talking about the first quarter of 2015, with all these 1600 online players there were only one page of party and the towns were almost empty. Increasing the traffic doesn't necessary mean more in game activity. We are planning to solve this problem by reducing the IP Limit to 4. In case the server hits it's max capacity with only 4 IP limit of course than we will increase it to 1800 but it's pointless to increase it now. Also increasing the max capacity costs a lot, we have to rent a second dedicated server for it which costs about 160EUR/Month. Now some smarties who have some experience may say install virtualization to same server but it's a terrible idea because once you do that the overall server ping increases by 15ms in first gs and 27ms in second gs with last gen XEON CPU's. This is a barely noticeable difference but for a server who aims to provide the high quality service is not acceptable.

[5 - Unique Spawn Times] - In Progress
It was surprising to see that too much players are complaining  about the spawn times of the unique monsters. To solve this problem we decided to decrease the spawn time of the unique monsters by 20% (uniques will spawn 20% faster). These changes will be made with the January update which is planned to be somewhere between 15 January 2017 and ~ 20 January 2017.

[4 - Winter Story Event] - Solved
It looks like a lot of our players are disliking this event with this reason we decided to end this event early. The winter Story Event will over in tomorrow morning's inspection (04.01.2016 06.00 GMT+2).
Update #1: The event has just ended.

[3 - Pill Bug] - Solved
We don't know enough about this bug, but what we understand is that you're able to use Pill's without waiting the cooldown period. Please someone who knows how to do this bug contact our support and we will fix it in no time. We must be knowing how to recreate this bug to be able to test and better understand it.
The problem has been patched successfully.

[3 - Hard EXP, Drop & Gold Rates] - Solved
Three of our players complained that the EXP, Drop and Gold ratios are too low, but as you can see from the Like & Dislike summary table 27 other players are stated that they're here just because the low rates. In this case it's like 95% vs 5%. So we will make 95% of our players happy or the only 5%. We don't even see this as a problem, of course we will choose the 95% of them who loves the low rates.

[2 - Max Potions Stack Count] - Rejected
Our concept is to copy the 2007 times of iSRO with everything bad and good as much as possible. This request is totally out of our concept with this reason is not possible.
We believe increasing the stack counts will broke the originality of the game and we believe the feeling of old school game will be lost. We also want to remind you the good old times in isro when you're entering a party and you back to town everyone is asking to buy some potions from the town for him. That's what we are trying to recreate by limiting the potions only to 50.

[2 - Need New Avatars] - Rejected
Our concept is to copy the 2007 times of iSRO with everything bad and good as much as possible. This request is totally out of our concept with this reason is not possible. There won't be any new avatars until the 110CAP (11DG) update. Adding new avatars will broke the originality of the game and we believe the feeling of oldschool game will be lost.

[2 - Scorn Rogue Skill Bugged] - Pending
Here we will announce our stand about this topic as soon as possible.

[2 - Delete the Pandora Boxes] - In Progress
The Pandora Boxes are one of the unique selling points of our game and are so important. Plus as you can see from the Likes section, a lot of our players are loving the Pandora Boxes.
The problem is that the players are abusing with the Pandora Boxes and are using it for purposes such as power leveling other characters. To prevent this we are going to increase the Price of the Pandora Boxes. It will require both higher GP and higher Gold. These changes will be made with the January update which is planned to be somewhere between 15 January 2017 and ~ 20 January 2017.

Important: Dislikes mentioned only by a single player we think is a personal more than a general problem so we are ignoring these dislikes.
I love this gam Because enjoy
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thank you gm  & thanks Players

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