[Completed] "What do you LIKE & DISLIKE" event.
Things I like -
-I love events like this that give yen, really promotes more community interaction/dedication
-I'm glad that we aren't staying at 80 cap forever as that'd be really boring
-I'm glad this private server is quite similar to ISRO, playing this server gives lots of nostalgia.

Things I don't like (Quite a few) -
-I really wish the exp strike event could be improved because it's not all over the map which lowers the chance of more experience in my opinion because of other players, and a lot of the players engaged in that activity aren't willing to invite lower leveled players to parties,  leading to them being left out and un-happy. I think white knights should give EXP based off of the hits you give rather than the dmg you take. Kills and drops should stay the same though, determined by the highest amount of DMG.
-The exp rates are quite low (which is a little okay) BUT there aren't enough events that help with increasing those rates. I feel more exp-related events should be added, or the exp-strike event should be improved so that levels that are <= 50 get more exp.
-There's a bug in the game in where it says that Capture The Flag is starting in 5 minutes, before even saying 10 minutes, and then the match doesn't even start at all. I think this happens around 5 PM EST.
-I wish the CHN race could be given the ability to buff others in a party like Europeans can. A buff skill could be added to the Bicheon skill, Heuskal, Pacheon or even added to any of the elements (fire,ice,lightning).
-I hate it when low leveled players get involved with higher leveled players during CTF. Like a level 28 joins CTF but is stuck with villian kangaroos all because of a few level 70's. I truly think something about this needs to be fixed.

And that's all I have. Thanks to the dedication you guys have, this game is more likely to be more successful Smile


the following are things I like in 2civilizations:

hard power leveling

the graphics of the game

hard gold to gain

Fortress War
this are the things I dont like in 2civilizations:

Snow flake event - it adds lag in the server
                           - minimize the spawn mobs if not kill
                           - it takes alot of hits to kill
Trading               - please  increase the 5 star value . at present, 5star= 1m worth of goods. i think u must triple or increase it more.
drop rate of rare items
                           - please increase.
Selling of character
                           - please continue giving incentives to all players who report the said violation so that, players will be in courage to                               make reports. In present their are a a lot of players selling chars.

Suggestion:      Pls add a (NPC middleman )  where as, both players will go there to trade their items. To minimize scamming of                                items.          

(12-26-2016, 08:20 AM)CIVADMIN like Wrote:
(12-26-2016, 08:00 AM)Cinderella Wrote: 1st-Buffer back in fw.
2nd-ip limit 8.
3rd-new avatar's
4th-turnoff alchemy devil cuz passive always block this bad for all.

These are likes or dislikes?

(12-26-2016, 08:20 AM)CIVADMIN Wrote: Cinderella

-I don't like fw without buffer.
-I don't like ip limit 12 
-I don't like alchmey "devil"
-I don't like rate gold .
Like :- 
-open hotan fw 
-new avatars 
-event pwp 
-new event 15% 1 weak every 6 month
-scroll change name .

These are likes or dislikes?

-I don't like fw without buffer.
-I don't like ip limit 12 
-I don't like alchmey "devil"
-I don't like rate gold .
Like :- 
-open hotan fw 
-new avatars 
-event pwp 
-new event 15% 1 weak every 6 month
-scroll change name .

-Online 24/7 not check all time
-Scroll Zerk & Speed 
-Exp Helper & Set and Weapon Lv 1+150
-Towns without modification or additions
-Server without lag 
-Academy work
-CTF Work
-Guilds War
-Event Wk
-Rank Unique's
-Alchemy Devil
-item Mall
-Glow Plus


-Server Dg 8
-Alchmey sometimes filed +2 +3 
-Pandora's Box
-Event Snow Slave
-Drop Rate very low moon or sun hard 
-Sun in magic pop
-Ftw janjan need close and open ftw hotan and fix many dc in ftw
-Event Wk not everyday and Unique Princess not add in list latest unique monsters
-Server Status just 1050 
-Trader it is  not exciting because of rate gold trader low
-IP limit need change to  10 or 11 chars only
-time unique need change to 90 or 120 min 180 minutes + extra time = long time+boredom
-no event hide and seek we need more fun in server in everything 

Written By:- "Chievo"

What i Like
i like everything in this game it's so fair and anyone can be the best without any donate and i think it's a best sro game make me remember the old days in sro like online 
i think this game have a small buggs must fix and in flag small lvls join with the high lvls
The gold is too hard to get it too hard and exp is not too hard but it's not easy we need u to be easy with us 
Thank you... Smile

We Have Best Gm Ever <3
Event Uniques
Capture The Flag
Hard Exp
Hard Alchemy
Panadora Box And Monster Scroll Event I Hope It Will Never Gone That Event

Bugs In Capture The Flag
Hard Drops
Place We Where Kill Uniques In Event Uniques There Are Many People Cant Find It
Bugs Exchange In PvP
Alot Of Dc

Thats Onliy My Name In Game EmoBoy Thx Gm <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Like : We Want Server Be Dg 9 And After Months Or Years You Can Make It Dg 10
: Event Snow Slave
: Jops
: Ctp
: Devil Sipirt Alchemy

Deslike : Hard Gold And There is Many Poors In Game Cant Get Money
: Dg8
: Server SomeTimes Be Busy And I Cant Log in
: Alchemy Very Hard
: Spammers
Name: Angle



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