Website Inspection Completed - #5
[Image: website-inspection.png]

Inspection Completed
Website inspection has been completed and all
patches are applied correctly.

• Disable edit by timestamp for admins also disables for moderators.
• Gravatar link updation fixed.
• You have entered an invalid secret PIN error fixed.
• Outdated location name on Time Zone settings updated.
• Outdated MIME types link in Attachment Types configuration fixed.
• Signature preview problem solved.
• Delayed moderation translation corrected.
• Report Reasons not sent in report PM/email notifications fixed.
• Threads get marked as read by just visiting forum categories fixed.
• Add Deletion Notice feature added.
• Modal & Confirm dialogs fixed.
• Calendar, Week Overview: Week period calculated wrong.
• Performance Optimization.
• SQL error with Binary pseudo charset fixed.
• Database back up.

[Completion Time]
December 22, 2016, 22:02 Server Standard Time (GMT+2)

pls GM im forget my screet can help me !!!

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