Website Inspection Completed - #4
[Image: website-inspection.png]

Inspection Completed
Website inspection has been completed and all
patches are applied correctly.

• SQL error in Attachment Statistics Fixed.
• Hash instead of the password at the "forgot my password" fixed.
• Website optimized to work with HTTPS (SSL).
• SQL error on post split fixed.
• Mark All Reports bug fixed.
• Attachment counter wrong after merging posts fixed.
• Default avatar broken on ACP when using a full URL fixed.
• Admin interface issues on IPv6 connection fixed.
• Optimise images with a better algorithm than last time.
• Unclosed cursors leave tables locked on SQLite fixed.
• Using [img align=X] overlaps with postbit_signature fixed.
• Pictures with custom dimensions higher than 999 not shown fixed.
• Timezone update bug fixed.
• Disabled referral system leads to wrong colspan in memberlist.
• BMP images don't work for avatars fixed.
• Useless subscription guest checks in UCP removed.
• No smilies/post icons bug fixed.
• Bad words not parsed in breadcrumbs etc bug fixed.
• Unread indication doesn't work for guests fixed.
• PM folder language problem fixed.
• Close Thread doesn't work via reply bug fixed.
• Delayed moderation - time bug fixed.
• Attachment System Enhacements.
• Removed hardcoded HTML v2.
• Some moderator bugs fixed.
• Database back up.

[Completion Time]
December 05, 2016, 22:47 Server Standard Time (GMT+2)

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