[Completed] II CIVILIZATIONS Video Contest
II CIVILIZATIONS is giving away special in-game item as part of a special II CIVILIZATIONS Video Contest
Each entry into the contest has a chance to win  "Premium Plus" a very special, very rare item in II CIVILIZATIONS.

[Image: dtsTikq.png]

[Event Period]
December 03 – 17, 2016 (14 days)

[Event Mechanics]
A. How Do I Get One?
It's pretty easy! Simply create II CIVILIZATIONS game-play video using a third-party program, and upload it to „YouTube“ don‘t forget to include „II CIVILIZATIONS VCT 2016“ in video title and "http://2civilizations.com" link in description.
B. How Do I Capture Video In II CIVILIZATIONS?
• Sign Up for II CIVILIZATIONS account if you don't have one already, and then download the full client .
Once you've patched, from within the game, do the following: 
• Press F12 to hide your UI (Optional)
• Use a third-party program to capture the video.
C. How Do I Upload My Video?
Now that you've done that, here's how you upload the video to YouTube.com! 
• Register for an account on youtube.com.
• Visit the Upload Video page. 
• Locate the video clip on your computer and select it as the file to upload.
• Give your video a name 
• Add http://2civilizations.com in video description.
• Enter "II CIVILIZATIONS" and "VCT 2016" as Tags 
• Click Continue! 
Depending on the size of the video, it may take a bit for the upload to finish,  your entry will be counted as soon as the upload is complete. Winners will be contacted via the Char Name used to register at http://2civilizations.com with a request for further information to confirm and claim their prize. 

• Premium Plus to 3 players.

• We are not expecting professionally edited high quality videos. What it's showing is much more important than how it's edited and uploaded.

Good luck to all who submit a video.

Best Regards

Name My Video : (II CIVILIZATIONS) How Registration & Download Game & Make Char


Easy to make videos 😃 Soon will upload my videos ...But how I will receive my gift ?
Still Wise Still The Best...
Name: King_goblin
Build/Class: Warrior /Cleric.
Guild: Rock_Solid 

IGN : SuperWizard

thanks to you guys i had to download another game to have free camera so some are from other game and some from our game Big Grin enjoy and tell me your opinion guys

I envy silence because I must be loud
[Image: 570d41894e5e7-932x620.jpg]

Luka Vs _FR30N Pvp 5-0 

Luka bune amk böyle videomu olur
OSMANLI Guild Master  Cool

luka bunedir amk

Luka Pvp xD

(12-09-2016, 05:58 PM)waldy22901 Wrote: luka bunedir amk

hahaha qq amk Big Grin


Silkroad ONLINE / II CIVILIZATIONS Trailer by waldy22901

Good Lucky Everyone

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