[Completed] Winter Story Event
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As the Winter Festival fast approaches, so as the Winter Princess' cold heart. Seething with envy at the people filled with happiness, She plans to cover the whole realm with her icy touch. At her order, Snow Slaves mercilessly freezes anyone they could come across while the her knights carry her orders to bring more despair upon the people.

Help restore warmth and order to the land.

[Event Period]
November 26th, 2016 ~ January 18th, 2017

[Event Procedure]
1. In a server, hunt down any monsters. Randomly Snow Slaves would appear.
2. Hunt down Snow Slaves to collect snowflakes.
3. Collect 10 snowflakes, and talk to NPC So-Ok to receive 1 of many items randomly.
4. When 10 snowflakes are collected as one set, the set counts would be added on a server counts.  When the counts meet the goal, everyone in the server would get 1 hour Exp/Skill points increases.
5. A character meeting the certain counts by just hunting Snow Slaves would receive 3 hours Exp/Skill points increases.
6. When, number 4 is done, the certain character would receive the rewards as well as White Knight monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server.
7. When White Knight monsters are summoned for the fifth time, Winter Princess Miyene monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server.

[Rewards of all the missions]
Collecting Snow Flakes
Mission 1
After collecting 10 snowflakes, go talk to NPC So-Ok. You would receive rewards randomly.
- Hit Scrolls, Moving Speed Scrolls, Dodging Scrolls, Trigger Scrolls, HP500 potions, MP500 potions,
 Berserker Regeneration Potions, Super Scrolls, Intelligence Scrolls, Strength Scrolls,
 Monster Summon Scrolls(Party Use), Pandora's Boxes, etc.
Mission 2
 When the goal is met, everyone in a server would receive 1 hour Exp/Skill points increases.

Hunting Snow Slaves
Mission 1
 The hero stopping the right Snow Slaves out of all the others, randomly set for each server,
 the character would receive 3 hours Exp/Skill points increases.
Mission 2
 For higher Experience points, kill White Knight and Winter Princess Miyene monsters.

*- Since we have only a one server this event is little bit useless but still it's fun to kill the randomly spawning uniques, snow effects and so on looks cool Smile

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very nice keep ahead 😊
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