Secure Poll Regarding upcoming updates.
Hello Adventurers,

As you probably already know we are updating the game regularly every year. This year's regular update was scheduled for 06 September 2017. But most of our players told us that the update must be made earlier, we are saying this according the results of Like & Dislike event. Since Like & Dislike event isn't that reliable we decided to create a secure poll. What's so special about this poll is that same person can't vote more than once. We will decide if we have to make the update earlier according the results of this poll so it's important to say your opinion.
You can vote by pressing the "VOTE NOW" button below.
Results of the Poll will be announced on 12 January 2017.

[Image: vote_now_300x125.png]

Please Note: Even in case the vote results "Yes" there will be a Compensation Program so no worries for the old players.

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