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Traders on the Silk Road - the key figures of the trading system. They can make a fortune on trade, however, may become victims of robbers, whose purpose - to get their goods. Traders may enter into agreements with the Hunters to protect their Caravans from Robbers.

How to become a Trader?
Once your character reaches level 20, you are capable to join the Merchant guild, and use the Merchant (Trader) Flag item. Only one profession is allowed per character. You can quit the profession using a special NPC - located in each town.

Reaching level 20 Joining the Merchant Guild Creating an alias Buying and wearing Trader Flag
To select a profession your character must be at least level 20. Joining to Merchant Guild can be done using one of the "Merchant Associate" NPC's located in each town. Creating an Alias is possible from the "Merchant Association" NPC located in each town. All that is left is buying your Trader Flag. When you're done buying it, just equip it to start trading!

Trader Objectives
1. Join a merchant guild, create a nickname and wear the clothes of the guild.
2. Buy a transpot pet from a Stable NPC located in each town.
3. Create a group with other merchants or hunters.
4. Purchase goods and prepare for departure.
5. Hit the road and protect the caravan along with other hunters and traders.
6. Bring the goods to another settlement or center of trade and count the profit.

Trader Rating and Experience Points
The more trades you do, the more experience points you will receive. Rating depends on the experience points. Occupation is divided into 7 levels, and even on the 7th, the highest level of experience you continue to accumulate points.
Superior Trader can use the appropriate profession items that allow you to use unique skills. (To be introduced later)

Amateour Trader
Trader Beginner
Never have been in a real trade.
Novice Trader
Just starting out as an apprentice.
The little girl started shes business.
Silkroad Trader
Wholesale Trader
From time to time he sells special products.
Expert Trader
Rich Trader
I was able to understand the commercial power of the East and starts to build up their capital.
Elite Trader
Silk Trader
Trader, whose interests went beyond the East, begins the formation of the Silk Road.
Master Trader
Great Trader
Controlling an oasis, who made a large fotrune.
Trader gaining or losing experience points in the following cases:
Gains experience every time when sells special products.
Gains experience every time when hunter kills monster or robber.
Loses experience every time when gets killed by monster or robber.