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Thief earns it's life by stoling the goods of traders and selling smuggled products.

How to become a Thief?
Once your character reaches level 20, you are capable to join the Thief guild, and use the Thief Suite item. Only one profession is allowed per character. You can quit the profession using a special NPC - located in Thief town.
Reaching level 20
Joining the Thief Guild
Creating an alias
Buying and wearing Thief Suite
To select a profession your character must be at least level 20.
Joining to Thief Guild can be done using one of the "Thief Associate" NPC's located in Thief town.
Creating an Alias is possible from the "Thief Association" NPC located in Thief town.
All that is left is buying your Thief Suite. When you're done buying it, just equip it to start jobbing!

Thief Objectives

1. Join a merchant guild, create a nickname and wear the clothes of the guild.
2. Create a group with other Thiefs.
3. Attack Hunters and their caravan.
4. Kill their transport pet, which will drop the goods to ground.
5. Use your own transport pet to collect dropped items.
6. Use "Bandit Den Resturn Scroll" to teleport to Thief Town.
7. Make Profit by selling the stolen goods to "Stolen Goods Dealer" in Thief Town.

Thief Rating and Experience Points
The more thieves job you do, the more experience points you will receive. Rating depends on the experience points. Occupation is divided into 7 levels, and even on the 7th, the highest level of experience you continue to accumulate points.
Superior Thief can use the appropriate profession items that allow you to use unique skills. (To be introduced later)

Amateour Thief
Thief without any theft
Novice Thief
Thief who just beginsthe world of thief and becomes aware of evil conducts.
Thief who is in a lawless state, has no bowels and does cruel things.
Silkroad Thief
Blood Brigand
Thief of brutality making a pool of blood where the thief passes by.
Expert Thief
Sharp Bandit
Thief of preternatural swiftness who may thieve others’ goods without victims
Elite Thief
Expert Bandit
Expert thief who is known to thieve even the shade of the Moon.
Master Thief
Great Thief
Great thief who can thieve anything in the world.
Thief gaining or losing experience points in the following cases:
Gains every time when Thief sells, stolen goods in Thief Town.
Gains every time when kills Hunter or Trader (Merchant).
Loses if gets killed by Monster, Hunter or Trader (Merchant).