[Permanent] Monthly Best Screenshot Event
Monthly Best announces one of the best work on our website among monthly best screenshots, fan arts, cartoons, etc with various contents you submit.

[Image: silkroad-online-wallpaper-monthly-best.jpg]

[Event Period]
Permanent Event

[Submission Criteria and Guidelines]
• Must be immersive.
• Must have decent lighting that gives life to the picture.
• Must have a good perspective and view of the picture taken.
• Use the highest visual settings possible.
• No screenshot below 1024x768 pixels.
• Only one screenshot submission per member, per month.
• No offensive content.
• Only .JPG files up to 2MB is allowed.
• Screenshots must comply with Forum rules.
• Lite editing, such as contrast/brightness adjustments or lens flare effects, will be allowed.
• Please use the Submit Now button below to go to the screenshot submission (upload) page.

• 300 Yen

[Image: 2civ-submit-button.png]

HEROES guild opening who wanna come pm GanimedeS ... now 17/50.. players

who winner screanshot this month?

(11-01-2016, 06:12 PM)player Wrote: who winner screanshot this month?

Didn't announced yet, usually it takes 3 to 4 days until we announce the monthly best screenshot.

Im here  Heart

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(11-21-2016, 03:22 AM)fathy Wrote: Im here  Heart

You must be uploading it here http://2civilizations.com/submitscr.php

it will be a good event thanks for that 😊
Still Wise Still The Best...
Name: King_goblin
Build/Class: Warrior /Cleric.
Guild: Rock_Solid 

you will announce the winner in this month?

I Regesterd With My Chinese Account JollyRogger With Zerk If I Win Reward Me On Account EmoBoy I Onliy Register With That Photo And Thx    

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