Legend III: Roc Mountain Update - Notification
Hello Adventurers,

It is our tradition to increase the max level cap 10 level higher every year, but because of all the update requests in "Like & Dislike" event and than the "Secure Poll Regarding the Update" resulted Yes to update with more than 60% we decided to make the update earlier.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Legend III: Roc Mountain update has been scheduled to February 07, 2017.
There will be 15 to 25 hours of maintenance time, during this period you will not be able to play the game.
You will be able to see the update progress from our official website, and after the update you have to download a new patch to be able to play again.

- Level cap increases from 80 to 90
- New Region, Roc Mountain
- New monsters ranging from level 70 to 90
- New items and skills ranging from level 80 to 90
- 137 New Quests
- DynamicEXP system activated for lvl 79~90
- New Powerful unique monsters "Roc" & "Demon Shaitan"
- Job Rates has been increased to 50x.
- 9DG Fortress War Hammers
- New set a.k.a. "Roc Set"
- Unlock for 9DG Lucky/Astral/Immortal stones
- Compensation Program for old Players (Details will be posted soon)
- Economy stabilization improvements
- Changes to Pandora Boxes
- New Fortress "Bandit Fortress"
- IPV6 Support Will be Added to Website.
- More Aggressive Anti GoldBot & BuffBot measurements
- Improvements to Dynamic EXP system
- Website Connection Will be Encrypted with "SLL Certificate".
- IP Limit will be reduced (Poll will be made to determine the new IP limit)
- Yen price for Turkish Resellers has been discounted with -7%.
- Some bug fixes in website especially in PayPal page.
- 19+ bug fixes
- New Advertisement Policy and higher advertisement budged
- Legend III: Roc Mountain client 1.168

Best Regards

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Guys this section is to discuss the update, it's not for fighting with each other.
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