Legend 3: Roc Mountain Update -Voting Results-
(01-12-2017, 07:26 PM)hellr3aser4 Wrote:
(01-12-2017, 04:52 PM)Chievo Wrote: amazing i hope find fun more than dg 8 

Chievo dont get me wrong its not meant to be bad but you are one of those players that are Destroying the Server. Botting 24 hours only for Gold and Academy and i never saw you before in DW South pvp Area or in Jobwars so how you dare to tell that 80 cap is boring?

(01-12-2017, 01:23 PM)CIVADMIN Wrote:
(01-12-2017, 01:04 PM)ArmageddoN Wrote: OKAY GM,

Can you tell me now what about us old players what we try 2 months that good set +7+8+9 and spend too much time on screen and spend money, all our Labors gone to garbage ?

so, can you tell me now what you meant wit this Note : '' there will be a Compensation Program so no worries for the old players.''


Details of the compensation program will be available a week before the update.

I cant accept the fact, that you will let us wait nearly 1 Month before telling what the Compensation Program is all about? I dont want to spent anymore my time or money into the game if you are not willing to tell us what the program look like. So i really ask you to tell us immediatly your plans for the Compensation program otherwhise me and my friends will leave the game this week. 

And if you act like you dont care about that i leave, i will promise you others do so =)

MaxSTR - HeroxD

Compensation Program event is still a concept and isn't yet fully designed. I can only say that it will be satisfying for everyone. But my advise is to not wasting anymore funds until you see the final results. For more information please contact support directly since we can't disclose some of the information we got in forums because of the game policies.

Hi friends im sorry
but There is no Gam stay low DG 
but problem the mony the gam I'll make it up to him.

but the Best for us DG9
i love gam&Gm
i love DG9


Everyone wants to level 90, but we want to know what you compensate us for things they lose, we have the valuables Please reply to the piece, and I began a supporter of the new level in the nearest time Thanks

Hi All
what the time the game is will open ?

The most important thing is that we need good Jobrates and more kind of fun. 9dg will be boring aswell when everyone just bot with 8er PTS..

We dont need big edits of the Game.
Just a good Jobconcept and some PVP Events maybe.  Sleepy
Name: th1ng
Guild: 1337

am so happy cuz d9 is coming <3 <3 <3

so guys a info hellr3aser4 is MaxSTR he have no full sun chievo Hellr3aser4 is not me im Hellraiser or better PureTank dont confound us please
PureTank   Big Grin

server of now ... have bug Sad
and wheen opened !

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