Packet Loss Problem from some Regions.
Hello Adventurers,

We are facing a 100% packet loss from some regions and countries all around the world.
Even the official website of the hosting company "OVH" isn't reachable in these regions so the problem isn't about us.
Below we have listed all the regions and countries with problem, if you're not from one of the listed countries but still can't reach the game than the problem is in your connection.

Countries and Regions Affected
Australia, Bulgaria, India, United States - Boulder, Canada, China, Germany - Berlin, Hungary, India, Denmark, Korea, Ukraine, Malaysia, Netherlands - Groningen, Finland, Thailand.

We have already contacted the OVH about the problem, waiting for a response from them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update #1 : The problem is fixed.

when you gonna do reduce the Yen Price?
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