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[Active] "My II CIVILIZATIONS Journey" Event - CIVADMIN - 01-08-2017

Life in II CIVILIZATIONS has its ups and downs, its high and lows.
It wasn't a bed of roses and my journey through it, no one knows.
But now hear the players’ stories of pains and gains, of beginnings and endings.
The monsters they have faced, the battles waged. Of lost and lootings.

[Image: OYE5GTM.png]

[Event Period]
January 8 – 22, 2017 (2 weeks)
Announcement of winners:  January 23, 2015

[Event Procedure]
1. Players should post a blog entry narrating their journey in II CIVILIZATIONS. Players may include photos or videos that explain their journey in II CIVILIZATIONS. The narrative may contain details like how they knew about the game, why they choose their character names, their first party, who help them to level up, first PvP, first guild invite, first friend invite, first boss raid, first customer support email, first forum or FB post, first GM Event participation, first prize won, first rude player experience, first Fortress War, etc. 
2. Players must post their blog entry at any blogging site or FB notes. Blog entries must be set as public.
3. Players must submit the link of their entries at the event thread along with their character name and server name.
4. Top 5 players with the most creative and captivating posts will win.

1st (1 winner) - 200 Yen    
2nd (2 winners)- 100 Yen
3rd (2 winners)-  50 Yen

• 1st place blog will be posted in our Official FB page.

RE: [Active] "My II CIVILIZATIONS Journey" Event - SuperWizard - 01-09-2017

Can i made it as a video? with Voice over or something like that

RE: [Active] "My II CIVILIZATIONS Journey" Event - Chievo - 01-09-2017

Name Char :-"Chievo"
link:- http://2civilizations.blogspot.com.eg/2017/01/my-ii-civilizations-journey-event.html

RE: [Active] "My II CIVILIZATIONS Journey" Event - EmoBoy - 01-09-2017

I Am EmoBoy Know Me Or No What Ever I Played This Game When I Was 11 Years Old My Name Was RaPhAeL I Played Excalibur Alot Then When I Started Play I Played Wrong Many Times xD Big Grin I Played Str And Int In All Accounts Big Grin But Magic_Girl Learned Me The Game And I Started From That To Be A (LeGeNdArY) I Started lvl Up On Account HourMurder When I Be Lvl 80 I Felt That Fellings That I Started To Be KinG Then The Game Closed Then I Found Civlizations My First Kill Unique I Killed Cerberus Then I Killed Tiger Girl I Started To Kill Uniques And My Name Appeared Many Times "(JollyRogger)" And "(EmoBoy)" Then I Tried To Kill Unique DEMON SHAITAN I Failed Many Times But In One Time I Tried In A Bloody Battle Me With Demon Then Finaly I Gave Him BIG CRITICAL (JollyRogger Has Killed Demon Shaitan) I Thought Thats A Joke Cuz I Didnt Do It And I Thought That I Will Never Do It But In That Time I Did It Many Spams Gz Gz Gz I Really Happy In This Time First I Went White Knight I Pressed V And I Let It I Saw White Knight Leg On My Face xDD I Killed Many Times Then I Felt Angry I Went There And Killed White Knight But I Am Coming Because Best GM Here And All My Friends <3 And I Will Never Stop Playing This Game EmoBoy Is Coming And I Started Noop Yes But The End Of It I Will Be Amazing !! Smile [attachment=62]  [attachment=63] And Hope Win In Event And Thx GM <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRZOHqQHe3c       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXkc4Ojb3j8

RE: [Active] "My II CIVILIZATIONS Journey" Event - TanGa - 01-10-2017

Not good but not bad ethier xD

Link : http://civilizationsii.blogspot.com/2017/01/my-start-in-2-civilizations-was-after.html
Char Nam : TanGa