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Server Inspection - Completed - CIVADMIN - 01-05-2017

Hello Adventurers,

Game inspection has been completed and all patches are applied correctly.

*- Pill Bug Fixed.
*- Operating System Updated.
*- Pandora Box Limit increased.
*- End of Winter Story Event.
*- Database back up.
*- Unique Spawn Times *F*
*- Other minor fixes.

[Completion Time]
January 05, 2017, 05:38 Server Standard GMT+2

Best Regards

RE: Server Inspection - Completed - Hellraiser - 01-05-2017

Pill bug fixed is awesome great job 😀

RE: Server Inspection - Completed - ArmageddoN - 01-05-2017

What do you mean that ( Operating System Updated and Other minor fixes) ?
What is Other minor and what is operation system ?

RE: Server Inspection - Completed - Dear - 01-05-2017

Should put your mark here, must be different in some things, bad system provider fun better than a beautiful system without fun, you just copied do not have the mind to add more fun or fingerprint here, all looking for fun if you want to support you before everything you must also support us things interesting in the server and remember very well that the server loses every day their best players because of the stubbornness