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Aim Of Game

Adventure of 2 CIVILIZATIONS
What do you imagine when you hear the word, 'Silk Road'? Dreamy images like a limitless desert, tired travelers and a long train of camels with a full load of silk. This appearance occurs to most people and such images of the Silk Road are known to us, but they are just a tip of the iceberg.

The Silk Road was the long voyage connecting the East and the West. The road was not a mere trading pathway for transferring the goods like silks or spices.

It was the very knowledge and culture of many people who had gone there and back full of adventure, not just goods delivered and transferred through the Silkroad. Now is the time when the importance of the international exchange is emphasized under the proposition of the global standard.

Although, a long time ago the exchanges between Asia and Europe which had been the center of the world had been made.

Crossing the Silk Road was possible by anyone. Their features were diversified from merchants, adventurers, soldiers and diplomatic missions to thieving, and they would have not yielded to all hard obstacles for their own goals. We have gotten the belief to create the new world in this online game, envisioning those who have treaded through all the areas of the east and the west via Silk Road.

They all had different objectives, but one in common probably would be 'the dream to the new world'. A variety of dreams they had all realized through various adventures on the Silk Road. The intention of production is to make the online game where users can realize various dreams respectively.

What do you dream?

Utopia and distopia
Thomas More, British politician, presented the paradise in his writings, 'Utopia'. The book describes 'Utopia', fancy island like perfectly earthly paradise. The British novelist, George Orwell dealt with the distopia in his writings, '1984'. The distopia he stated sharply criticized the negative part of real world. The real world is thought to be placed between the utopia and distopia.

The world of most existing games dream is akin to the utopia.

To be sure, when considering the features of game, the configuration of the world cannot be regarded as the utopia. But though specific games handle the distopia, their final object is mostly to dream the utopia in the manner of recovering the peace by removing the Devil. Indeed, can the utopia world become the correct answer for the world we dream?

Now the flow of game industry has been converted from the existing package game to an MMORPG. The users who take pleasure in the online game form a new life in this other world. In this world the user becomes this character who, can become everything he/she wishes for. If this is so, should this online game world aim for a utopia like other games?

About that, our answer is flatly no. The agent in the famous 'Matrix' world said the following. 'Although the perfect world has been given to the human in all aspects, he/she have not been adapted to that.' In other words, the important thing is the issue in adapting it regardless of the utopia or distopia.

Many online games are shown, but finding the aspect of another real world is not easy. To construct the exciting online game world closely similar to the real world, never fail to forget the consideration of the distopia as well as the utopia.

Can the light with the shade exist as the shade exists due to the light? A various and complex society closely allied to the more real world where the light and shade coexist. The user must decide whether it becomes the utopia or distopia. That becomes the base for designing the social components in '2 CIVILIZATIONS'.

The importance of the content is focused on more than the final pattern.
A real world is inside 2 CIVILIZATIONS full of dreams.

Are all Oriental fantasies Noble-Minded

This online based on the Chinese area out of the Orient often has the global outlook formed in the basis of being noble-minded.
As these games continuously turn up, the Oriental fantasy world based in China is regarded to be just a respected world.

Still, the games with these noble-based worlds, are rather poor. The game needs necessarily the heroes and villain's part against it. When seeing through the games on the subject of being noble we can not help but laugh.

The human who becomes the hero has the character composed by the noble world, while the monsters who have to be the villain's part are just unknown monsters unrelated with these values.

The deformed and misshapen worlds are wrongly composed and no one can agree with them (What can be worse than a game where monsters from a Western fantasy always appear).

The eastern starting point of Silk Road was China, the center of the Orient. At first, when configuring the Chinese characters and the world at first, our concern lay in the global outlook. The gallantry world is certainly attractive. Yet, can more fresh and exciting fantasy world be created? In examining the materials about the Chinese fable or mythology, we could get a lot.

China has fables and mythologies as many as permanent history. The world of 'Bongsinyeonui' familiar to us can be one example. The interest and huge scale of materials surveyed can be compared favorably with the western fantasy. However, from the point of arrangement and understanding for the materials, it has become know to us, the same Oriental culture circle less than the western culture.

On designing the Chinese world, we could gain confidence. Although the surfeited western fantasy world is not used, we have gotten the belief to lay the foundation of new and nice fantasy world. The proposition that the Oriental fantasy is noble-minded is certainly not denied. But we will demonstrate it in the game that being noble is not normally seen in every Oriental fantasy.

You will be able to feel the new, exciting and excellent Oriental fantasy that can compare with the existing western fantasy world.

Community system for one
In the Online game, our biggest concern was also the community on beginning to design the RPG game. In the middle of analyzing the structure of the existing community system, we could find a big handicap. It was the fact that the community within the game was separated from that outside the game.

Though all games are similar, the importance of information, especially, is more emphasized.

For quickly acquiring the updated information useful for playing the game, the contact with other people is requisite. The users who enjoy themselves in the passive single play have the difficulty in acquiring the updated information. Therefore, they are forced to play less effectively than the users who make the most of the community.

Here is the absurdity found. The community activities can be classified into the party play, contact for share of information and for friendship.

Of those, the party play can be enjoyed only by the users to join in the guild. But in case of the contact for share of information or friendship, saving data is required. These spaces are mostly made via the homepage board in the web outside the game. Still, these information was not easy for the players to access. Only after log-out, the access to the external information was available.

As a result, we have designed more advanced game structure which engages the web and game for solving the discomfort.. The 2 CIVILIZATIONS provides the environment to integrate the game-inside community activities and the game-outside community activities.

That is to say, a lot of information prepared in the outside can be always accessed within the game without executing log-out. The structure of this community system will offer the convenience and rapidity in the share of information more effectively.

In addition to that, the other merit as the game more advanced by this technological development is that not only the community between the users but also the community among the user, and developer and operator are more strengthened. The communication between the user and producer like the submission of Q&A or bug report in the official homepage all is practicable within the game. The 2 CIVILIZATIONS has assumed a new aspect as the genuine online game to be developed with the users thanks to easy, convenient and smooth communication among the users, developers and operators.

All-for-one community including the users and developers
It is the advanced community system of 2 CIVILIZATIONS.

The stage has been established
What is the essence of the play?
It is not excellent scenario, splendid stage setting and a lot of spectators. The essence will be the actor who plays the leading part most of all.C71

The game is similar with the play and movie. The user leads the story as the hero of a story and runs up to the climax. When the play reaches the end, the hero receives cheers of the spectators in the center of the stage. However, it has one problem. The problem is the fact that this structure is the story of the past package game times.

When the Online game occurs, the stage becomes extensive and the number of heroes increases.

All want to become the hero and receive the spotlight. Still, after the game pattern has been converted to the Online game, it is not changed. Although the condition to become the best is limited, the persons who aspire to be the best become increasing. Here is the problem. The sense of purpose becomes rather weak.

To settle the problem, we intend to set up the stage where a variety of heroes can play an active part. The stage must have more broad width and scope, and keep several forked stories and the various ends proportionate to them. For achieving the object, the systems to attain respective objects have been designed in the various ways like Caravan Trade, Trilateral Antagonism, Creative Style and Oasis Town.

You need not be weary in the satisfaction with level-up or acquisition of rare items any longer. You can play various parts in the 2 CIVILIZATIONS world. You may be a millionaire as a wealthy merchant, while you may be a bandit all people are afraid of. A supreme hunter to protect the peace of Silkroad or a ruler of Oasis, the jewel of desert, may be practicable.
The treasure hunter who makes around the world and finds the treasures may be also one of your parts.

Would you quit the game due to tiring with continuously repeated battle?
In the 2 CIVILIZATIONS, it is just a thing of the past.
What story do you want to become a hero in? What do you wish to achieve?

The stage has been established and before long, the story is going to begin.